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Enhance your life with astrology

Each moment gives birth to an ever expanding pattern that both influenced us at birth and continues to influence all aspects of our lives. Let’s sit down and talk about your current situation and plan out strategies to best take advantage of this pattern as it continues to unfold.

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Astrological Readings

Having an understanding of your natal chart (a map of the positions of the planets at the time of birth) Vedic Astrology can tell you the scheme of your life and where you are currently in this ever unfolding pattern. Through the techniques of "Dasha” and planetary transits, different aspects of your life become more important. By knowing if the results will be easy or challenging, we can be prepared and make the best decisions. 

Astrology can also determine your strengths so you can better plan you life. By being aware of your talents we can determine a career choice, a life change or a way to ride out life's storms. I can also warn you of possible frailties which can cause problems. But by knowing about these weaknesses, you have the opportunity to improve them. My first goal in any reading is to help you fulfill your life's purpose. 

About Thomas

Does your environment support or inhibit you?

Are you living in the best place for you?

Various places on the planet maximize different strengths in your astrological chart, and I want to help you navigate your way towards those potentials. There are places that activate your greatest prosperity, your best chance for love or finding adventure. Some places are ideal vacation spots to revive and inspire you, while other locations are best avoided. AstroCartography is a modern astrological technique that let's you see where on earth the planets were strongest at the moment of your birth. Those are places where that planet is most positively activated and their strength can be tapped. These places of strength are mapped onto the globe as lines. Spending time on these lines, whether short term, like a honey moon, or long term, gives you access to various aspects of your personality as indicated by the planet creating the line of strength. I will walk you through the maze of lines and their potentials so you can find the many places on the earth that will support your endeavors. We can also use a Relocation Chart, where we cast your birth chart for a  new location to better  see how that place will affect you. 

Chart Comparisons

Through Vedic Astrology I can compare the natal charts of two individuals and see what sort of dynamics will occur. While these techniques are generally used to compare the charts of two potential romantic partners, it works equally well comparing the charts of family members and work partners. I can show you where you will get along easily and where there will be difficulties. We can compare charts for romantic compatibility, communication styles, general comfort with each other, business styles, etc. 


Other Services

In addition to reading your natal chart we can analyze your present situation through several techniques including the current positions of the planets (transits), where the planets were on your last birthday (solar return) and a Vedic techniques call dashas. What these do is give an understanding of what influences are currently in your life to better see the path ahead. 


About Thomas

Thomas Taylor studied with Hart deFouw for 15 years, is a Certified Ayurvedic Clinical Specialist, and a graduate of the California College of Ayurveda. He has been a licensed massage therapist for the past ten years. Thomas is also a Reiki Master, a member of the American Council of Vedic Astrology and holds a M. S. in genetics from Virginia Polytechnical Institute & State University.

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